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1. One should take an undoctrinaire approach to reading political theory; read whatever is of interest to you, strip it for useful parts and discard the rest - do not accept whatever it is you are told simply because it is associated with the ideology with which you align yourself.

2. "Terrorist state" is redundant, all states are terroristic, that's how authoritarian social control works; additionally, the use of the term "terrorist" legitimises it as a political designation.

3. Class cannot bind the periphery and the imperial core, to assert that the subjugation and economic circumstances of workers divided by nationality is equal is class reductionist and serves imperialism.

4. To the liberal it is easier to strong-arm the conscientious objector and the dissenter than to organise against a participant in an unambiguous genocide; civility is a deceitful fabrication, violence veiled in placating words remains violence.

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